Cookbook challenge

A friend included me in a needlepoint challenge on Facebook – you post a picture of a needlepoint piece each day for seven days.  It’s been fun looking back at some old finishes and great to see what some other friends have posted.  I started thinking about another challenge, involving cookbooks.  Probably because needlepoint stores (like my friend’s shop Needles and Threads of Ruxton) call to me to buy canvases and threads just like bookstores call me to buy cookbooks.  And just like my needlepoint stash could possibly be just a little bit more than I need, I have an excess of cookbooks too.

When I find a recipe that I like, I put a marker in the book (I also make notes if I tweak the recipe.)  As you look at 4 of my 8 Barefoot Contessa cookbooks, you can see that she is a constant source of inspiration to me:


I have other cookbooks that don’t have anything marked.  So my plan is to choose one book a week that has no tagged recipes.  I’m going to look through the book and try to choose at least one recipe to make.  If I can’t find one recipe that I think is worth making, I’m going to donate that book to a book sale.  Since many of the books were acquired from used book sales, it seems fitting.  If I give away some that I’m not using, that will make room on my bookshelf for more!  🙂

I’ll let you know the results of my Cookbook challenge.  If your bookshelves are overflowing, consider joining me.  But I’m not ready to get rid of any of my needlepoint stash!