New Thai restaurant in Baltimore

We love Thai food, whether eaten in a restaurant, purchased as carryout or prepared at home.  We were sad when Stang of Siam closed as the food was delicious and the location fairly convenient.  On a detour route home from work I noticed that there was a new name on that old location Dee@Thai.  We checked the website and at the time it indicated that they were in the “soft opening” stage.  We have been watching and saw that the website is now updated and the restaurant is officially open so we ate dinner there last night.

The space has been redecorated.  The wooden tables are light and clean and decor is pretty minimalist.  The only thing that looked out of place was the plastic pumpkin at the host stand.  Samantha was further disappointed to discover that it did not contain candy.

Although they don’t currently have a full liquor license, Dee@Thai does serve beer and wine.  Keith had a Thai beer and I had a glass of white wine.  For appetizers we ordered Goong Suan (shrimp fried in Thai wrapper), Kanom Jeeb (steamed dumplings) and Papaya Salad.  (I was disappointed that the menu did not include shrimp cakes as that is probably my favorite Thai appetizer.  The shrimp and dumplings arrived promptly and both were piping hot with excellent sauces.  Keith and Samantha loved the papaya salad but they both have a higher tolerance for spice than I do.  I took one bite and that was more than I could handle.  I stuck to the shrimp and dumplings.

The spice theme carried over into the entrees that we ordered.  We ordered 4 entrees for the three of us.  That allowed us to experiment with more of the menu and Keith is happy to have Thai leftovers for lunch.  We went with two of our favorites – Panang Curry with shrimp and Drunken Noodles with shrimp.  Samantha added a Mango Curry with chicken and at the last minute I spotted Gra Proa Ped (crispy duck).  Again, all dishes were delivered hot from the kitchen and again, the heat on the spice side was also high.  Flavors were good but I could barely handle the noodles and curries.  I readily admit that I am on the wimpy side for spice but I also have eaten in many Thai restaurants and regularly fix Thai food at home.  I would say that the Drunken Noodles and Panang Curry were among the spicier versions of those dishes that I have encountered.

I don’t remember seeing Mango Curry on a Thai menu before but I confess, I haven’t been looking for it. I was a little surprised by Samantha’s selection but thought it had intriguing flavors and chunks of mango.  She was pleased with it.  I thoroughly enjoyed the crispy duck – it was the least spicy of the entrees, it was cooked perfectly with a generous serving of vegetables and the duck was extremely crisp.  Delicious!

Although we only saw one server on duty, service was excellent – quick and friendly.  We will definitely go back to Dee@Thai but next time, I’ll ask them to tone down the spice a bit.  Keith and Samantha have no such reservations.  If you are looking for a new Thai adventure, I would recommend Dee@Thai.  I hope they are successful.