Restaurant meals from home

My cookbook collection includes a number of restaurant cookbooks.  Some of them can be rather daunting (Thomas Keller’s French Laundry) but many have produced consistent winners with accessible ingredients and manageable recipes.  One of my favorites is Mustards Grill.  It provided the inspiration for our New Year’s Eve dinner – Mongolian pork chops with a Chinese style mustard sauce and mashed potatoes.  The marinade was excellent and the good news is that there is leftover which will be used for another meal.

Keith picked tonight’s meal from Galatoire’s Cookbook.  We ate at Galatoire’s when we were in New Orleans.  It is a marvelous old-fashioned restaurant and tonight we are having Crab Sardou – sautéed crab on top of creamed spinach with artichoke hearts and Hollandaise sauce.  Just the way to finish the holiday excess and start back to lighter meals.

Wishing you and yours a Happy and Healthy New Year and I look forward to sharing our meals with you in 2017.