Cooking ideas while housebound

As we adjust to our “new normal” of spending lots and lots of time in our homes, cooking can be a great distraction.  I did so much cooking last weekend that our freezer is quite well-stocked and Keith told me that I needed to stop.  So the new idea is to use this as an opportunity to pull out some gadgets or cooking tools that you don’t use often.

To that end, we had fondue for dinner tonight.  Our fondue pot spends most of its life in the basement.  It has emerged a few times and we have made cheese fondue as well as beef.  Samantha was disappointed – she thought when we said fondue, we meant the cheese.  That is just too many calories for 3 people and of course, we can’t very well invite anyone to help us eat it.  So we got 2 small filet mignons and 8 medium shrimp.  We heated the oil over the stove (in the fondue pot) and then moved it so it was over the fondue heat source.  Everyone can cook their protein to their liking and we had a variety of sauces from the refrigerator (jarred Bearnaise, pub sauce, horseradish, etc.)  I roasted asparagus so we had something healthy.  It was fun and delicious.

This got me thinking about other projects.  I’m thinking I may pull the pasta roller out of the basement and make some raviolis next weekend.  (they won’t take up that much space in the freezer.)  Samantha is going to make madeleines tomorrow (yes, we have a madeleine pan).  She already made macarons so we have checked that box.

Think about a kitchen project you have always wanted to tackle or a specialty appliance that is rarely used (homemade waffles anyone?)   This is the perfect opportunity to wipe off the dust!  Add a comment with what you made.