You can’t win them all

We made another recipe from our new New Orleans cookbook last night and it wasn’t as successful.  Still a great cookbook but this one wasn’t worth the effort.  The recipe was for steamed clams with aioli and vegetables.  The first problem was the effort involved.  I’ve made aioli before and you have to take your time drizzling in the oil to get the right consistency.  The recipe included leeks, fennel and carrots along with fresh herbs so there was a fair amount of chopping involved.

It looked pretty (see picture below) but the broth overwhelmed the clams.  We think it might actually go better with mussels and if we make it again (a pretty big if), we would leave out the water and just use the white wine and probably cheat and use store-bought aioli.  I make notes in my cookbooks about what to do differently in case we revisit it in a few years and forget.