I love to cook and love to eat and I work full time and have a family and lots of activities.  Every Sunday, I create my menu plan for the week and I’m posting the menu plans, grocery lists and recipes for anyone who wants to follow along.

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  1. Peter Klein says:

    If I didn’t know you better I’d wonder where on earth you have the time to do this. But I DO know you better, and it’s awesome.

  2. Susan Schwarzman says:

    I try to get together with my sister once a week and we usually plan a nice dinner. I decided to try the Fish Tacos and they were delicious. We both really enjoyed them!!! I have to give some credit to my husband for grilling the fish perfectly!! Keep the recipes coming… I think Grilled Rosemary Shrimp and Orzo will be on my menu for this weekend!

  3. Lisa Pagliaro says:


    Vicky, you must post your recipie for gazpacho, even if it’s not on your meal plan this week. I made it on Monday and it’s almost gone. It is de-lish and perfect for this weather. Kelsi put it on her baked potato like salsa. It’s like the zero points WW soup. No guilt in this recipie.

    Can’t wait (for Tony) to try some of these other recipies posted. I am so spoiled!

  4. Sue Johnson says:

    I am a late-comer to your blog but have heard such great things about it. Hope you have the time to keep it up; you’ve got a lot of people counting on you now!! No pressure!!! LOL

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