Mom’s night in

Keith and Samantha have a Father/Daughter dinner tonight.  That gives me a chance to enjoy one of my favorite treats – shad roe.  Not only do I get to enjoy it, I get to enjoy it without my child telling me how gross she thinks it is.  (For the uninitiated, shad roe is the egg sac from shad when they are spawning and it is only available for a short time in February and March.)  I’ll cook some bacon and then saute the shad row in some of the bacon grease.  I’ll grab a glass of wine and enjoy a little bit of quiet time and be happy when they are back!  Here’s a picture from a previous shad roe dinner.



About emenuplan
I love to cook and love to eat. I work full time and have a family so managing good meals during the week requires organization. I'm hoping to share my weekly menu plans and recipes to make things a little easier for those who want to follow along.

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