Thai Tennis party

Last night was our annual party for Keith’s Interclub tennis team.  They won their title again this year (prompting our friend Clark to refer to Keith as the “Joe Torre of Thursday night inter-club”.)  Since they won I had to produce a good victory celebration.  Last year I did tapas and made so many things it almost killed me.  So I simplified.  🙂  If you follow blog you know that my simplify is arguably not simple.  We went with a Thai theme and I made:

  • Chicken lettuce wraps
  • Fresh spring rolls with peanut sauce (Christie gave a big assist on the assembly)
  • Steak Laab salad
  • Panang curry with shrimp
  • Crab fried rice
  • Chicken satay with spicy peanut sauce
  • Tennis ball cookies
  • Orange pound cake
  • Lemon gingersnap sandwich cookies
  • Brownies

Here is a picture of the table featuring their extremely glamorous trophy!

Congratulations team!

Congratulations team!

Now you also understand why you didn’t see a post from me yesterday – it was a busy day.  We recovered tonight with hamburgers.  Tomorrow we’re eating the leftover Panang curry and Wednesday we’re having soft shells  (because I saw some in the store and had to incorporate them into the plan.)  There is leftover spicy peanut sauce (but no leftover chicken satay) so I’m going to marinate chicken breasts on Thursday for Keith to grill whole and we’ll finish up the peanut sauce.  Nice people and a fun party but everybody was tired today.  (Even Samantha who took it upon herself to direct parking!)


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  1. Claire Inayatullah says:

    Congratulations tennis team and Madam Chef

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