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Sorry that I have been dark for about a week and a half.  I hope nobody starved!  🙂

We were scheduled to go away last weekend for President’s Day weekend – the annual Flynn/Murray ski trip.  The original plan was to leave Baltimore for Seven Springs, PA on Thursday around lunchtime.  By Tuesday forecasters were calling for a big snowstorm and we were worried about getting there safely on Thursday (particularly since there are children involved).  We decided to see if we could align all of the moving parts to leave Wednesday afternoon and fortunately we pulled it off.  Christie and Jack were able to go with us and Kevin met us on Thursday night.  Although he made it safely, we did feel like we made a good decision to leave when we did.  We came back on Monday and the week was so crazy that I never got around to updating blog.  I’ll be back tomorrow with a plan for the week but first I’ll tell you what we ate on our ski trip.

One of the things we  like about this trip is that wherever we go, we get a condo and that means we eat most of our meals in.  Since I don’t ski, I’m happy to be den mother and feed everyone but the resorts we have been to (one year at Wintergreen, 2 at Snowshoe and our second at Seven Springs) do not have much nearby in the way of provisions.  The first few years I took the ingredients and cooked onsite but you also never know what type of tools and equipment you’ll find.  (One year at Snowshoe there wasn’t a corkscrew!  Fortunately, a helpful concierge came to our rescue.)  I’ve learned that it is even easier to take things that I make ahead and freeze. The first night we were scrambling because it was a night we expected to be at home but there was enough of the crab gumbo to make that work for dinner.  The other meals had been planned as follows:


Crab soup (that delicious soup that is half Maryland crab and half cream of crab) – it froze beautifully and Christie brought a Ceasar salad to go with it


Beef tenderloin, brussels sprouts with pancetta and potatoes au gratin (all recipes are on blog – this was Valentine’s Day so the boys cooked.  Keith cooked the tenderloin at home and brought it ready to slice.)  Delicious!


Lobster and shrimp potpies – I did them last year and they were so popular, I did them again.  I made these the weekend before the trip and froze them.  The best part is I made 6 and there are still two more in the freezer!


For our last night we went out to dinner.  There is a nice restaurant at Seven Springs called Helen’s.  The atmosphere is lovely and the food was excellent.  We ate there last year and enjoyed it thoroughly so we were happy to go back.  (Last year was Samantha’s first experience with an amuse bouche – such the sophisticated 7 year old.)  As we were talking about our trip and enjoying ourselves we noticed the table next to each other – a couple with two children.  Both children were watching movies on separate devices and the parents never spoke to each other or the children.  It seemed like such a sad way to dine.  Love the rule of no devices at the table!

Sorry for the absence and I’ll be back tomorrow with a plan for next week!

We did enjoy our vacation!




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I love to cook and love to eat. I work full time and have a family so managing good meals during the week requires organization. I'm hoping to share my weekly menu plans and recipes to make things a little easier for those who want to follow along.

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