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Last night we had our field trip from our Thai cooking class.  If you follow blog you know that Christie and I have taken a number of cooking classes with our friend Ang Robinson through the Roland Park Country School Kaleidoscope program.  Our most recent class was Thai Seafood and we had a really fun group of people in the class.  Ang suggested an end of class dinner out at a local Thai restaurant.  We went to My Thai which recently opened in a new location (ironically in Baltimore’s Little Italy).  Spouses were invited so there were 26 of us for dinner.  The restaurant did an amazing job at handling such a large group and had us setup at a long table.  Ang had ordered appetizers for the group (shrimp cakes, lemongrass beef, chicken satay that was so tender it melted in your mouth and chicken lettuce wraps).  All of the appetizers were fabulous!

We were sitting with Christie and Kevin and Ang and her husband and the six of us ordered 5 things to split as entrees.  I would strongly recommend this restaurant and would encourage you to go with at least 4 people so you can sample a variety of entrees – the combination of flavors makes the experience.  We ordered a seafood salad, the drunken noodles with shrimp, crispy pork, panang curry with chicken and crab fried rice.  It was a great range of mild (crab fried rice) to spice (panang curry), with a mix of proteins (seafood, chicken and pork) and textures (rice, noodles, salad and crisp).  Ang and her husband have both lived and traveled extensively in Asia and suggested that covering a range of the menu offered the best opportunity to really experience the cuisine.

The food was wonderful but the highlight of the night for me was the tour of the kitchen that Ang had arranged with a cooking demonstration by the chef.  Some restaurants might be intimidated by inviting 26 people into their kitchen but the kitchen at My Thai is immaculate and efficient.  The young and enthusiastic chef prepared two dishes for us – chicken kapow and chicken pad thai.  Each was quick to prepare and used fresh ingredients.  One of the things that I really noticed was that their chicken dishes featured chicken that was really moist.  The chef said he uses high heat on his woks and cooks the chicken about 80 percent and then adds chicken stock and vegetables – the chicken will continue to cook.  He also said not to add sugar (either regular or in a sauce) too early as that will toughen the chicken.

We will definitely look forward to a return trip and will make sure that we go with enough people to experience the wonderful variety that they have to offer!



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I love to cook and love to eat. I work full time and have a family so managing good meals during the week requires organization. I'm hoping to share my weekly menu plans and recipes to make things a little easier for those who want to follow along.

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